About CPAC

The Climate Protection Action Committee (CPAC) is a volunteer group established by the City of Columbia to identify ways the City can reduce greenhouse gases. 

CPAC addresses four areas which impact climate change and quality of life: 

  1. Air quality
  2. Energy conservation
  3. Water conservation
  4. Recycling and waste reduction

CPAC History

  • The City of Columbia organized the Climate Protection Action Committee (CPAC) was organized in 2006 shortly after the City of Columbia signed the U.S. Conference of Mayors Climate Protection Agreement, an initiative reduce worldwide greenhouse gas emissions through leadership and action.

  • The committee's initial focus was internal to City government and is now also focusing on community outreach and education programs to encourage others to take action to live in a more sustainable manner.

  • CPAC is guided by a Climate Action Plan, which was created in 2006 by City staff and community leaders and has been updated on a regular basis. This plan guided and continues to influence the work of CPAC ; click here to view the Action Plan.

  • Currently, CPAC has two categories of membership: appointee and advisory.

    Voting Appointees: Appointees serve as an executive committee of sorts; they meet monthly and lead CPAC. Appointed by City Council, these members serve Council in an advisory role and help vet information as requested. Appointees meet on the first Tuesday of every month at 8:30 a.m. at the City's Public Works Facility, 2910 Colonial Drive. * 

    • Penny Delaney Cothran, Sierra Club
    • Gretchen Lambert, Studio 2LR l Architecture and Interiors (Vice Chairman)
    • Zach Laprise, University of South Carolina 
    • Bob Petrulis, EPRE Consulting
    • Tameria Warren, Whitetail Environmental Consulting, University of South Carolina
    • Marty White, Marty White Design Group
    • Dr. Lori Ziolkowski, University of South Carolina (Chairman)

    Advisory members: Advisory members are invited by way of their position or affiliation with agencies, governments, environmental non-profits or other groups with an interest in sustainability. Advisory members meet quarterly to share ideas and information and to receive updates on City sustainability initiatives. This group, which includes appointees, meets quarterly on the first Tuesdays; meeting months and locations vary. Please contact us for specifics.

    * In the interest of public health and as authorized by City Council Ordinance 2020-032, the City of Columbia Climate Protection Action Committee (CPAC) will  at this time conduct virtual meetings using video conferencing technology.  Accordingly, members of the public and/or media who wish to observe the meetings may do so remotely by requesting a meeting link from the City of Columbia Sustainability Coordinator Mary Pat Baldauf. Members of CPAC will have the ability to remotely participate in voting and operational procedures via telephone or other means of electronic communication. The public may submit letters and statements via email to [email protected] leading up to the meeting or the day of, as that account will be monitored during the meetings. As this is an ever-evolving situation, please continue to monitor https://columbiasc.gov/cpac/about for additional information.