Columbia Water is responsible for overseeing a variety of City services that may be useful for property owners and managers.

Important Notice

  • All debit and credit card payments processed by the City of Columbia will be charged a convenience fee by the credit card processor. For More Information PDF document

A valid street address is required to apply for a building or zoning permit. If your project does not yet have an address, application can be made through Planning and Development Services or by calling (803) 545 3400. Addresses within City limits are assigned by Department of Engineering in consultation with 911 services.

If your property lies outside City limits, contact the appropriate County (Lexington County or Richland County) for their addressing procedure.

How to Apply

Provide the following information:

  • Complete Address Request Application PDF document.
  • For Existing lots: Copy of recorded plat (can be obtained from Richland County Register of Deeds)
    Richland County Register of Deeds
    Richland County Judicial Center
    1701 Main Street
    Columbia, SC 29201
    Phone: (803) 576 1910 or (803) 576 1913
  • For Subdivisions: Copy of recorded overall subdivision lot and street site plan and street name approval letter from Richland County 911. The Planning Commission assigns new street names for new subdivisions during the site plan review process. For street name assignments or changes, contact the Zoning Division of the Development Services Department at (803) 545 3333.
  • For Subdivided Lots: Copy of City approved and stamped plat.
  • For Apartments/Malls: Floor plan/store layout.
  • For new tenant space within an existing building: Building floor plan with existing addresses


  • Submit address request form and supporting information to the Development Center
  • Owner will be notified of address assignment by letter


3-5 Days. Longer for new subdivisions and apartments.




1136 Washington St.
Columbia, SC 29201


(803) 545 3300
24 hours a day
7 days a week