PURCH Bid Tabulation Photo 02 25 13Preliminary results for formal and some informal solicitations are posted on the City of Columbia, SC ebid! website.  They will remain posted for a minimum of 45 days after awards are made.  In most cases, these results are from bidder submissions and should excludes sales tax for evaluation purposes only.  The applicable taxes will be added to the successful bidders award notice.  The posted bid results are provided for public informational purposes only and may not represent final determination of the lowest, responsive bid or award.
Small purchases acquired through the Department of Procurement and Contracts Office will not be posted to this website.  To the extent practical, the Department of Procurement and Contracts solicits for these small and/or repetitive items from numerous suppliers to increase competition and further our local business outreach efforts.  We encourage all vendors to contact our office to schedule a vendor meeting to introduce your company and product or service offerings.  
Bid Tabulations Results will be posted on the eProcurement site for Invitation for Bids (IFBs) and Requests for Quotes (RFQs) only.  The prices stated on the bid tabulation reflect the actual bid amount received from each timely bidder.  At the time of tabulation, the actual bid responses have not been reviewed by the City of Columbia to determine the highest ranked responsive and responsible bidder.  Once this determination is made, a Statement of Award and/or Intent to Award notification will be released and posted in accordance with the City's policies and procedures.
Note:  Bid Tabulations will not apply for Request for Proposals (RFPs).  
Intent to Award Notices:  An Intent to Award notification is issued for purchases or contracts requiring approval from City Council.  This Intent notice signifies that the City is making a conditional offer for the purchase of goods or contracting for services.  Unless otherwise suspended, cancelled, or denied by City Council, the released Intent to Award notices automatically becomes the final Statement of Award after all other conditions setforth therein have been met including Council approval.
Statement of Awards:  A Statement of Award  is issued to the successful bidder meeting the requirements set forth in the Invitation for Bid or the highest ranked responsive/responsible bidder on Request for Proposals. 
In some cases, bids may be suspended or cancelled by the Department of Procurement and Contracts.  These notices will be posted under Public Notices and Bid Ads and will remain posted for a minimum of 45 days after the initial posting date.