Historic Designation

If you live or work in a historically designated building or are just curious to learn more about local preservation, the resources below provide general information about historic designation in the City of Columbia.

Historic Windows

Historic windows are an incredibly important and constantly undervalued feature of any historic building. Before shopping for often costly and incompatible replacements, take a look at the resources provided below.  

Maintenance Plans

Creating a maintenance plan for your home can help you catch issues early and prevent costlier repairs down the road. Below are some tools and tips to help you develop a maintenance plan for the long-term care of your property.  

Energy Efficiency

There are a number of ways to improve the energy efficiency of your historic building - in cost effective ways! Before you spend your hard earned money on expensive and sometimes ineffectual changes, take a look at the resources provided below.


Preservation staff has compiled a number of videos regarding historic preservation efforts and incentives and local historic districts.  Access the playlist on the City's YouTube channel here.

Partners in Preservation

South Carolina State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO)
Located in Columbia, the SHPO has a number of free educational resources available to historic property owners, and they also have certain tax credit programs available for qualifying renovations.  They have all of the state's listings in the National Register of Historic Places, many of them with full-length nomination forms and photographs, which can be valuable tools for researching your community.  The SHPO is housed in the same building as the S.C. Department of Archives and History, which maintains thousands of our state's historic documents.
National Park Service (NPS)
Did you know that the NPS maintains the National Register of Historic Places? The National Register is an honorary listing that may qualify your property for certain tax programs for qualifying renovations. The NPS website is also full of free technical advice for everything from cleaning masonry to restoring historic windows.
Technical Preservation Services
The National Parks Services has many preservation briefs that can help property owners when maintain, preserving, rehabilitating and restoring historic buildings.  Topics include, but are not limited to, cleaning and water-repellent treatments for masonry, structural glass, repair and thermal upgrading of historic steel windows, and many other topics.
Historic Columbia Foundation
A private, non-profit organization, the Historic Columbia Foundation maintains several historic house museums and hosts a number of educational and social programs throughout the year.  They are advocates for historic preservation and stewards of several historic buildings owned by the City of Columbia and Richland County.
Richland County Conservation Commission
This organization's generous annual grant cycle has nurtured a large amount of historic preservation in Columbia.  They also maintain an informative website about local landmarks in the city and county.
Richland County Library's Local History Room
Trying to do research on your building? Check out this great resource at the main library on Assembly Street.  Or you can look at their online resources in the digital library.