PDS PP IMG North Main Page PhotoInitiated by the Villages of North Columbia Master Plan, and following on the heels of the North Main Street right-of-way improvements project, the North Main Corridor is the first portion of the land use implementation process to take place. The process was essentially to review the goals and objectives of the master plan, assess the inconsistencies in the current land use regulations, and to propose new land use regulations that would remove obstacles and create incentives for the types of development called for in the master plan for the North Main Street corridor.

Thorough public input sessions with property owners and stakeholders were held to develop the proposal and adjust as needed to respond to concerns. The ultimate proposal is a re-zoning of the mostly C-3 parcels along the corridor to MX-1, and a design overlay (-NC) written specifically to address the characteristics of the North Main Street corridor.

Not sure if your property is within a Design/Development District?  Check out the City Information Viewer Interactive Online Map.

Urban Design Staff