Volunteer for Pedestrian & Bicyclist Counts!

Did you know that most traffic counts don’t account for non-vehicular users?  These counts provide data critical to how our roadways are designed, and that’s why it’s so important to make sure we all count.  Volunteer a couple hours of your time to help make sure we have the data we need – our pedestrian & bicyclist counts occur the last two weeks in April, and we could use your help!  

           A woman sitting in a chair tallies pedestrians and cyclists along Sumter Street.  She has a cup of tea, sunglasses, and a clipboard and pen.Counts are fun!      

Columbia Compass: Envision 2036

Columbia Compass is the comprehensive plan – or “blueprint” – for how Columbia, South Carolina will grow and develop over the next ten years.  

The City of Columbia has conducted research on the community's population, natural resources, land use, transportation, housing, community facilities, cultural resources and economy.  This planning process, and the plan itself, is being referred to as Columbia Compass: Envision 2036.  The plan, adopted August 4, 2020 by City Council, is now a guiding policy document for the City.  

 You can also learn more, and sign up for email updates, at www.columbiacompass.org.

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The Amplify planning process is a partnership between One Columbia and the City, and helped provide content for the Columbia Compass Cultural Resources Element.

    Image is the text and logomark for Columbia Compass.  The logomark consists of a blue circle and triangular marks which represent a compass, with an inset blue C.  A red compass dial is at an angle, and the dial and the C are overlaid on top of an illustrative street grid with a blue river and green squares representative of city blocks.  The text reads “Columbia Compass: Envision 2036.”Text reads Amplify Columbia with a multicolored frequency wave to the lower right of the text

Celebrate in October!

Each October the City celebrates National Community Planning Month & National Walk to School Day.

While we're still celebrating in October, we have postponed all in-person events this year for public safety. Instead, we will be celebrating National Community Planning Month through social media, and celebrating Walk to School Day with an all-month Walk Bike Scavenger Hunt Bingo. 

Follow @ColaCompass on Facebook or Twitter so that you can join us as we celebrate Community Planning Month virtually.  

A card for the social media campaign reads: I *heart* planning, and “October is national community planning month! #planning month”  The Columbia Compass logo appears in the lower right.  The heart shape is filled with an image of the historic birdseye view illustration of Columbia, SC.  The card is turquoise, with white and navy blue font.screenshot of elementary school walk bike bingo card

If you have further questions, or would like to more information about the above, please contact us.