Why Annex?

Cost or Savings?

How can you pay taxes to the County AND City, and still save money?  Homeowners typically see savings because of the effects of annexation on four common bills- Property tax, Vehicle tax, Water/Sewer, and Electric/Gas.  The actual financial impact of annexation is unique to each property and household, but the “average” homeowner can save hundreds of dollars a year by annexing into the City of Columbia.  Please try our Annexation Calculator  to see how you are affected!  You can also see a breakdown of how a typical homeowner's annual taxes and bills change after annexation here.

Other questions are answered at our Frequently Asked Questions page- or please contact us for more assistance!

Fact Sheets:


When you annex into the City, you gain access to a number of valuable, high quality services and benefits.

The City of Columbia is committed to excellence in customer care and constituent service for our residents and businesses.  The City strives to facilitate a smooth transition of annexed properties from unincorporated areas into the City, and once annexed we send notice to your service providers about the change of status of your property.  For more information about the services that change after annexation, extra steps you can take to save money, and to learn how to deal with any unlikely hiccup that may occur, please contact us.  

Here are some resources to get you started:


We Are Columbia- together we will build a world class city.  Here in the City of Columbia, our citizens are our greatest resource.  That’s why we’re proud to provide you with a wide variety of community service opportunities.  You can help map our city’s future by serving on a City Board or Commission, mentor at-risk youth, join one of our 93 city neighborhood organizations, or create your own community group.  If you live in the City of Columbia, you can make a difference.