City Boundaries (shown in blue)

If you are close to the City boundary and in an urban or urbanizing area, annexation may help you receive high quality urban services in the most affordable way possible.  

When you annex your property into the City of Columbia, you gain our municipal services.   Our goal is to provide high quality municipal services, efficiently, effectively, and responsively- and many homeowners find that they actually save money when they annex.  

You also gain the opportunity to fully participate and vote in city government, and you do not lose your representation on County Council or change school districts upon annexation. 

We are all Columbia- whether you are formally within the boundaries of the City of Columbia or not, we are all part of the same community, and together we will build a world class city!  As highlighted in City Council’s Vision Statement, our goals are focused on attracting and retaining talent, planning together, connecting our community, empowering our residents, economic prosperity, enhancing Columbia’s neighborhoods, and leading the way in innovative and high quality municipal services.

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Andrew Livengood, Annexation Coordinator


1136 Washington Street
3rd Floor
Columbia, SC 29201


(803) 545 3217