The City of Columbia Parking Services Department provides citizens, businesses and visitors with parking programs for on-street, garage and lot parking; enforcement of parking regulations; assistance with neighborhood parking problems; and works with the City's economic development offices to assist in providing parking for businesses.
The department has a  Customer Service Office in the Lincoln Street Garage located at 820 Washington Street, directly across from Police Headquarters and Municipal Court. Hours of operation are from 8:30 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. For questions about parking, please call (803) 545-4015 or e-mail [email protected]  and a representative will respond as soon as possible.


The City of Columbia Parking Services Department is now taking online payments for parking citations at:  https://columbiasc.t2hosted.com

Note: To continue to provide our customers the ability to make electronic payments, the City of Columbia has partnered with South Carolina Interactive, a third party working with the City to bring you these expanded methods of payments. The total price which will be charged to you for your payment includes funds used to develop, maintain, enhance and expand the electronic payment service they are offering. The total amount will be shown on the payment site you will be directed to later in this process. If you do not wish to use their services, you can pay the City directly by other traditional methods like cash or check.


The Passport Parking App can be used to pay for parking in all of the City's metered parking spaces. Simply download the app, register with the information requested, including the associated vehicle license plate number, and the app can be utilized at any meter.

When entering the associated license plate in the app, please use only the letters and numbers on the vehicle plate. Do not add spaces or special characters.


The City currently operates eight garages representing over 4,800 spaces that service monthly, daily and special event customers. The City also maintains more than 4,400 metered or pay by cell spaces on street.

Monthly garage rates vary while the daily maximum in each garage is $10.00. Parking Services also offers several validation programs for businesses who have customers parking at the Park, Lincoln, Lady and Sumter garages.

For detailed information, see:  Parking Facilities.


The City's Parking Enforcement Monitors strive to provide safe, equal parking opportunities through the enforcement of the various parking ordinances. These ordinances range from expired meter violations to No Parking Area, No Valid Residential Permit, Blocking Driveway and Refeeding Meter violations along with several others. Current fines for parking citations range between $7.00 and $500.00.

Parking Enforcement Monitors also provide assistance to the general public by answering citizen or visitor questions while on patrol.

For detailed information, see:  Parking Enforcement.


The City's Parking Meter inventory provides an efficient and economical means of generating turnover parking in business districts, parking districts and other areas of the City. The approximately 4,400 on-street meters demand an effective preventive maintenance plan, which includes constant upkeep, meter replacement and refurbishment.

All meters, including those in garages with the exception of the pay by spaces machines in Cannon, take the PassportParking App. Some spaces are designated for pay by cell only.

The garages equipped with parking meters are Taylor, Arsenal Hill, Washington and Cannon. The meters in the Cannon Garage take coins, SmartCards, tokens and Credit Cards.

For additional information, see:  SmartCards & Tokens.