The private sector has always been the key to job creation.  

Entrepreneurial ventures and research and development bring new products and services.  New products and services expand existing markets and create new industries, resulting in job creation.

The City of Columbia aggressively works to increase job creation and retain existing jobs in two ways:
(1) offering low interest loans and grants; and,
(2) providing access to business expertise (technical assistance, education and advocacy)
In 2014, OBO's Commercial Revolving Loan Fund leveraged $380,000 in public dollars to attract $1,881,000 in private investment, creating and retaining 23 jobs. Over 68% of these funds went to women owned businesses, and 37% went to minority owned businesses.
During 2015-2017, the Facade Improvement Program for the Two Notch Road Phase 1 & 2 Target Areas leveraged a total of $214,715 in federal and City dollars to attract $60,650 in matching private investment, creating 6 new jobs and retaining 54 existing jobs, to help revitalize this well-traveled corridor leading into the Columbia's downtown.  



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