The City of Columbia is a vibrant and fast growing City. There is plenty to offer in Columbia in the way of downtown shopping, arts and entertainment, college-level and professional sports, economic and urban development.
"We are Columbia...a world-class City looking for world-class talent".  The City is always in the process of recruiting great people to fill the positions we have available.  We employ a diverse workforce from animal technicians to zoning inspectors.
To access the City of Columbia Career Portal to view and apply for available career opportunities, please click here.
Benefits of Working for the City of Columbia
The City of Columbia wants to attract and retain qualified, productive, and motivated employees who will provide efficient and effective services to the citizens. An employee's total compensation is comprised of pay and benefits. We offer a comprehensive benefits package designed to provide a variety of choices to best fit your needs and the needs of your family.
For eligible employees, we offer:
  • Medical Insurance
  • Prescription Drug Coverage
  • Dental Insurance
  • Vision Care
  • Voluntary Long-Term Disability
  • Voluntary Short-Term Disability
  • Voluntary Life Insurance
  • Annual and Sick Leave
  • Holidays
  • Coverage under the SC Retirement System or PORS Retirement System
  • 401(k) & 457 plans
  • Flexible Spending Accounts
  • Free and confidential Employee Assistance Program
  • Educational reimbursement for approved coursework
  • Employee Health Center
  • Employee Gym
According to the South Carolina Freedom of Information Act, salary information for public employees in South Carolina who earn more than $50,000 is public record. Please click on the listing of City of Columbia employees earning $50,000 or more annually.


State Health Plan Update

In an effort to continue to communicate and prepare for the New Group Enrollment sessions that are being scheduled for the entire month of November, a presentation was given at Tuesday’s City Council meeting.  I have attached the presentation to this email so that all employees have an opportunity to see the information that was presented.  

Please note that with the transition to the State Health Plan in 2019, the City will be ended our Wellness Incentive Plan at the end of the year.  The City will no longer be providing the $75 per wellness activity up to $225 for the employee and their spouse.  Employees should use all funds they have available in their health savings account by December 31, 2018.  Any funds not used will be forfeited.

We are finalizing the schedule for the New Group Enrollment meetings and we will be letting the departments know what days and times employees can attend the enrollment sessions.  The enrollment sessions will last about 2 hours and will consist of an hour informational session and time to enroll in the benefits employees choose for themselves and their eligible family members.  Employees will also have an opportunity to have one on one sessions with PEBA representatives to discuss any questions or concerns they may have.  

Important Information

Enrolling in coverage requires your social security number (SSN) and birthdate.  The SSN and birthdate of your spouse, if married, and any dependents is also required.

You cannot cover your spouse if your spouse is eligible, or becomes eligible, for coverage as an employee of a group participating in PEBA insurance or as a funded retiree of a participating group who has a part of the spouse’s premiums paid for the spouse.

Supporting documentation is required for any dependent you wish to add to coverage.  You must bring photocopies of the supporting documents when you enroll in coverage.  See the Enrollment documentation worksheet included in this letter for details.

Individuals enrolled in Medicare or with dependents enrolled in Medicare are required to provide a copy of their Medicare card(s).


In 2019, the City of Columbia will be offering the following to all eligible employees:

·         Health

·         Basic Long Term Disability

·         Dental

·         Supplemental Long Term Disability

·         Dental Plus

·         Money Plus

·         State Vision Plan

·         Vision Care Discount Program

·         Basic Life

·         Optional Life

·         Dependent Life





Full family

Standard Plan





Savings Plan





TRICARE Supplement








Full family









Full family

Basic Dental





With Dental Plus





*These are per paycheck premiums

Employee Health Center

In addition, I wanted to share some good news about the Employee Health Center.  Council has given the approval to continue to provide the Employee Health Center as a benefit to city employees next year.  This is an incredible benefit that City of Columbia employees will continue to have available to meet our health care needs!  This is a $1 million dollar investment in the health and wellbeing of our employees, retirees and our families!  The City of Columbia is one of only a few employers that offers a benefit of this kind and I hope employees continue to utilize this incredible benefit!  

Please email any questions or concerns that you may have.  Thank you for your patience as we make this transition.