City of Columbia Outdoor Dining Encroachment Updates
May 08, 2020

The City of Columbia supports and encourages the public use and enjoyment of sidewalks, tree zones, and other right-of-way areas for outdoor dining in all entertainment districts; however, use of sidewalks and other public areas must be ADA compliant, safe for pedestrian and vehicular traffic, and meet established design guidelines.  City Council recently voted to streamline the process for Outdoor Dining Encroachments.  Applications are delegated to the staff level for review and permitting and no longer require City Council action.

Outdoor Dining Encroachment Permit Application Packet

Email completed application packet with required documentation to [email protected].

In response to Phase Two of reopening restaurants, the South Carolina Restaurant & Lodging Association (SCRLA) has provided a list of FAQ’s and guidelines for businesses to review to ensure they can open safely. If you any questions regarding this information, please visit their website at

SCRLA Frequently Asked Questions

SCRLA Reopening Guidelines