City of Columbia Lobbyist Registration
Apr 27, 2021

COLUMBIA, SC - According to City Code §2-301, individuals are required to complete and submit a City of Columbia Lobbyist Registration Form, if you are employed or retained, with compensation, by another person or firm to promote or oppose a matter through direct communication with city council members.

These matters include:

(1) The introduction or enactment of an ordinance or resolution; or 

(2) The awarding of a city contract; 

Lobbying does not include the activities of a member of city council, city staff or any public official with regard to their public duties.

Lobbyist does not include: (1) An individual who receives no compensation from another person to engage in lobbying. (2) A person who expresses a personal opinion, or discusses a constituent matter in relation to city services, or any other matter in which the person is not receiving compensation to lobby. (3) A person who is a full-time, permanent employee of a governmental agency, a not-for-profit corporation, or a company and is lobbying as a result of his or her employment with such agency, not-for-profit corporation or company.

Sec. 2-302. - Registration of lobbyists.

(a) Any person who acts as a lobbyist must, within 15 days of being employed or retained as a lobbyist, register with the city clerk. (b) The registration must be in a form approved by the city council that includes only the name and business address of the lobbyist, the name and business address of the person or entity who compensates the lobbyist, and the issue or matter for which the lobbyist has been retained. A separate form shall be submitted for each issue or matter and each person or entity who compensates the lobbyist. (c) Any lobbyist who is employed by the city or has contracts with the city, must seek approval by city council to be a lobbyist for other clients so long as he is employed or under contract.

To obtain a Lobbyist Registration Form visit For questions, please contact the City Clerk’s Office at (803)545-3045 or [email protected].