City TV Has Moved

City TV is moving from Spectrum channel 2 to channel 1301. Please continue to tune in to City TV on Spectrum channel 1301 for all of the latest news, events and information about the City of Columbia.

Charter Spectrum is upgrading its cable television service to a digital only signal that will allow them to deliver to customers a substantial increase in HD channels.  Over time, television technology has advanced from an analog format to a high-quality digital signal.  This upgrade will provide Charter Spectrum customers with enhanced picture and sound quality, a more expansive channel offering and exciting new products and services, including access to thousands of free On Demand programming choices.

On or after May 1, 2018, Charter Spectrum began removing the remaining analog channels on its lineup and delivering only higher-quality digital signals to each television outlet in the home, (the majority of Columbia residents will see these changes after May 29).  Over 90 percent of Charter Spectrum Customers are already using digital equipment (set top boxes, digital adaptors or CableCard devices) to view their television programming. For customers without Charter Spectrum-issued digital equipment, this upgrade will require the installation of a Charter Spectrum set top box or CableCard device on each television.

To ensure a smooth transition, Charter Spectrum is providing free equipment offers to customers without digital equipment for a specified time. These offers will vary and upon the expiration of the free equipment offer, applicable standard rates will apply.

The priority of Charter Spectrum is to ensure that its customers do not experience any disruption to their service when the 100 percent digital upgrade occurs.  Charter Spectrum is actively communicating with customers through direct mail and an informational website.  The website link is below in this message.

Concurrent with this all-digital upgrade, Charter Spectrum will be encrypting all television channels, including the basic tier of service and grouping similar channels into “neighborhoods.” Encryption will result in a more secure network and additional bandwidth to provide more advanced services, and creating channel “neighborhoods” makes it easier for customers to find and access their favorite categories of programming.

Public, Educational, and Government Access Channels (PEG Channels) will be relocated into a “Public Affairs Neighborhood.” The new locations of each of the PEG Channels are below:

City of Columbia Government Channel currently on Channels 2 & 1301 will remain only on 1301.

All PEG channels will be searchable on the Program Guide, which is available to customers going forward.  Charter is actively communicating channel changes through direct mail to customer and an informational website:

If you need assistance, please contact Charter Spectrum at or 800-892-4357.