Mission and Purpose

ECDC's mission is to assist in the conservation, preservation and revitalization of the community by facilitating residential and commercial initiatives in Eau Claire/North Columbia neighborhoods within the geographic boundaries of Columbia City Council District One.
Appearing below are specific priorities outlined in the 1993 Eau Claire Redevelopment Plan and reconfirmed in the 2006 North Columbia Master Plan. The ECDC, its executive director and board of directors will continue to coordinate various efforts, and will serve a primary role in implementing each of the following commercial and residential redevelopment initiatives.
1. Elimination of spot slum and blight conditions within ECDC boundaries
2. Promotion/development of local commercial investments
3. Job growth in light industrial facilities
4. Redevelopment of commercial nodes at key intersections along North Main Street, Columbia College Drive, Monticello Road and Fairfield Road
5. Revitalization of strip commercial and industrial properties along North Main Street and the major corridors
6. Continuation of new housing initiatives encouraging increased home ownership opportunities for all income levels
7. Renovation of the existing housing stock
The 2006 North Columbia Master Plan offers a current and comprehensive view of five priorities outlined in the 1993 Redevelopment Plan. The following strategic goals specified in the Master Plan align ECDC's mission in today's existing environment.
1. Reinvent the image of Eau Claire/North Columbia
2. Preservation of existing single-family neighborhoods
3. Develop supportive retail services
4. Maintain and develop new parks and community open spaces
5. Increase educational services and outreach programs

Among ECDC's key initiatives are the following specific priorities.
1.Consensus among residents, businesses and community/city leaders that Eau Claire/North Columbia has undergone revitalization that establishes the area as a thriving, vibrant, multi-culturally diverse cross-section of the City of Columbia, where residential, commercial and community investment matches demand.
2.Implementation of core commercial zone projects on North Main Street between Sunset and Columbia College Drive, as well as Eau Claire/North Columbia's other three gateway corridors - Farrow Road, Fairfield Road and Monticello Road.
3.Executing residential construction plans to build and market homes on approximately 35 existing lots throughout Eau Claire/North Columbia. This includes affordable and mixed income properties. In addition, ECDC will facilitate the construction of 60 to 75 single-family residential homes that mirror the structural design of existing neighborhoods.