The Eau Claire Development Corporation (ECDC) serves as a catalyst agency to lead and facilitate strategic development of both economically-driven commercial and community-based residential initiatives in Eau Claire/North Columbia's historic, yet resurgent community.


Under the umbrella of the City of Columbia, ECDC operates as a community-based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose mission of conservation and redevelopment spans across all Eau Claire/North Columbia neighborhoods with boundaries within Columbia City Council District One. Since ECDC's inception, which derived from the 1998 Eau Claire Task Force Report and the 1993 Eau Claire Redevelopment Plan, ECDC's overarching goal continues to focus on revitalization efforts in Eau Claire/North Columbia that support and uplift cultural diversity, urban renewal, residential vibrancy, sound economic investments and financial prosperity. Its past, current and future development projects and initiatives are the vehicles that have and will continue to steer both commercial and residential growth and renewal.


The current North Columbia Master Plan, which was adopted in 2006, highlights several ECDC short-term and long-term commercial and residential goals. Within recent years, ECDC has attained several successes, to include the acquisition and refurbishment of the Lutheran Survey Building, Print Building and Town Hall Complex. The ECDC also spearheaded the construction of the North Main Plaza (Phases I and II), as well as the renovation of the historic Kinderway/Hyatt-Huffman House located at 4300 North Main Street. This historic building serves as an administrative office to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Columbia, a local non-profit organization. ECDC's credits also include the development of Burton Heights, a new single-family residential subdivision, which is situated on Farrow Road at the site of the former Burton Elementary School. 

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