2011 Ordinances

Amending Sec. 12-19 Restricted Sale Hours of Alcohol for Commercial Establishments
Sale of corner of Huger and Laurel to Baker and Baker
Amending Sec. 17-691 Designating 1620 Main St as a Historic Group III Landmark
Encroachment 614 Bull St. University of South Carolina
Annexing of 6903 Deloach Dr.  
Annexing Bay Berry Mews, Capital Heights and 4219 Lester Drive 
Historic Preservation 
Annexing 602 Deerwood St.
Amending Ordinance 2009-015;Encroachment to Michael Drennan 
Authorizing Transfer of Property Adjacent to 719 Blanding St. to David Graves
Granting Encroachment to City Center Partnership, Inc. for Sidewalk Entertainers 
Sidewalk Vending Keyser Concessions, LLC  NW Corner of Main & Washington
Sidewalk Vending Doggie Dogs NY Style Hot Dogs Hampton & Assembly
Granting Encroachment to Drip; 729 Saluda Avenue 
Agreement to Purchase and Sell 1613 Sumter/1620 Main St to St. John, LLC
Hours of Sale Restricted for Commercial Establishment 
Adjustment to Corporate Limits, S/S Forest Drive and 5133 Forest Drive 
Amending the 1998 Code of Ordinances, Sec.2-207 Award of Contracts 
Annexing 100 Coopers Nursery Road 
Annexing 14 Coatsdale Circle 
Water and Sewer Rates 
Mid Block Pad North Side of 1100 block Gervais Street
Raise Revenue and Adopt the Budget 
Annexing N/S Jacobs Mill Pond Road 
Establishing the City Center Business Improvement District 
Off-street Parking and Loading Facilities, Sec. 17-343 
SIC 723 Beauty Shops and SIC 724 Barber Shops
Sec.17-283 Wireless Communications Facilities    
Stationary Sidewalk Vending Cart Northwest Corner of Sumter and Greene Streets 
Amending City Code Sec. 24 Vehicles for Hire - Taxicabs, Shuttles and Limousines 
Lease Agreement between City of Columbia and Old Boy Properties 
700 Block of Whaley Street 
Encroachment 600 block of Waccamaw Avenue 
Encroachment to Mezza Bistro 
Procurement related to Construction
Amending Ordinance 83-99; Encroachment to Parkside Center, LLC 
Amending the 1998 Code of Ordinance Sec. 12-42; Storage of Commercial Vehicles 
Laundry, Cleaning and Garment Services 
Veterinary Services  
Lower and Penitentiary Cemetery 
Annexing NE/S Kinley Road 
Emergency Ordinance Imposing a Juvenile Curfew for the Five Points Area 
Sidewalk Vending; Northeast Corner of Lady Street and Main Street    
Encroachment 2315 Laurel Street, Benedict College 
Encroachment 700 block of Assembly Street, University of South Carolina 
Encroachment 111 Doctors Circle, Benedict College 
Encroachment 201 S. Pickens Street 
Encroachment 925 Gervais Street 
Amending 1998 Code of Ordinances, Chapter 24 Vehicles for Hire; Wrecker and Towing Services
Juvenile Curfew Five Points Adult Hospitality District 
Annexing Buckthorn Court, Buckthorn Circle and Coopers Nursery Road 
Annexing 1226 Glenhaven Drive 
Issuance and Sale of Special Obligation Refunding Bonds
Authorizing and Providing Issuance of Special Obligation Bonds
Method of election; election districts, Sec. 6-2 (Redistricting)  - Map
Stationary Sidewalk Vending Cart North Corner Taylor and Lincoln Streets 
Inclusion of Property in a Multi-County Industrial/Business Park 
Amending the 1998 Code of Ordinances Article XI "Bath Salts" and Synthetic Marijuana 
Issuance and Sale of Waterworks and Sewer System Revenue Bonds
Shop Grove Commerce Park 
Amending Sec 17-681, Historic Commercial District 
Amending Sec 17-345, Reduction of Parking Requirements for Certain Uses 
Amending Sec 17-132, Initiation 
Amending Sec 17-691, Building and Site List 
Encroachment 902-F Gervais Street 
2011-075 Agreement of Sale between the City of Columbia and Bright-Meyers, LLC for the sale of Capital City Stadium
Amending Sec 202-7, Procurement; Award of contracts  
Granting Encroachment to Hermitage House Homeowners Association 619 King Street 
Easement to SCE&G; N. Main Street Streetscape Project Phase IA-2       
Granting Encroachment to Art Bar 1211 Park Street 
Amending City Code Sec. 23-152 Sewer Plant Expansion Fee 
Amending City Code Sec. 17-55 Defining Food Trucks 
Amending City Code Sec. 17-464 Group Housing Definitions and Subdivision development types 
Amending City Code Sec. 17-258 Private Dormitory 
Eau Claire Development Corporation "Busby Street Properties" 
Annexing 5307 and 5311 Forest Drive  
Annexing 840 Sparkleberry Lane 
Granting Encroachment to Timonthy G. Adams, Sr. 29 Samson Circle 
Amending City Code Sec. 11-49 Licensing Classififcation Rate Schedules; Defining Boardinghouse and Roominghouse 
2011 Famously Hot New Year Event 
Repealing City Code Sec. 23-204-206 Storm Water Drainage; Sedimentation and Erosion Control
Granting Encroachment to City Center Partnership at 1300 block of Main Street and 1136 Washington Street  
Granting Sprint Communications Company, L.P. to operate in city limits 
Encroachment 3700 Block of Witherspoon Street adjacent to 3707 MacGregor Drive 
Amending City Code Sec. 8-67 Noise Nuisance  
Amending City Code Sec. 2-210 Purchase and Sale of Real Property 
Amending City Code Sec. 12-150; City Owned Parking Facilities; Fees to add City Center Garage 
Amending City Code Sec. 2-204 Competitive sealed bidding required: exceptions 
Encroachment to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints 
Amending City Code Sec. 11-601-623 Sexually Oriented Businesses 
Viva La Vista
Vista Lights
SC Pride Festival
River Rocks
Urban Tour Awareness Campaign
Mingle Jingle
Frame of Mind Crawl
Oyster Roast
Five Points Kick Off
Craft Feast Indie Grits Festival
Lease 1225 Lady St. Ste. 200 to Congressman Clyburn
St. Patrick’s Day Festival
Five After Five Concert Series
Authorizing Acceptance and Dedication of Bluff Pointe
Authorizing Acceptance and Dedication of Gauley Drive
Authorizing Acceptance and Dedication of Gauley Drive-Lakeshore
Authorizing Acceptance and Dedication of Sandalewood Ln and Court
Authorizing Acceptance and Dedication of Sandalewood Ln and Waban Court
Employment Contract for City Manager
Main St. Latin Festival
Crawfish Festival
Muscular Dystrophy Association Fill the Boot Campaign with Columbia Fire Department
Amended Urban Tour Awareness
Capital City Music and Wing Fling Festival
Ribs & Renaissance Festival
Amending Sidewalk Vending Locations and Authorized Merchandise
Let's Move Initiative
Termination of Lease Agreement with Mainstream Group V, LP for 1644 Main St.
Italian Festival 2011 
Agreement of Purchase and Sale for portion of 1613 Sumter St. to St. John LLC
Suspension of Municipal Judges' Compensation
Forming a Sister City with Accra, Ghana
Amending Sidewalk Vending Locations and Authorized Merchandise 
Authorizing City Manager to pursue Competitive Procurement with Richland and Lexington Counties
Notice of Public Hearing for Improvement Plan for the City Center Improvement District 
Approving Assessment Roll for City Center Business Improvement District 
Agreement between the Cty of Columbia and The Midlands Housing Alliance 
USC Pep Rally at Wild Wing Cafe in the Vista 
Termination of Lease Agreement for 5406 Farrow Road 
Business License Appeal of the Hardee Law Firm 
Municipal Court Judge Carl L. ; Salary
9/11 Memorial and Local Fire Department Fundraiser 
Amending Sidewalk Vending Locations and Authorized Merchandise 
Columbia Museum of Art Contemporaries Oktoberfest 
Third Amendment to Lease Agreement with First Citizens Bank and Trust Company, Inc. 
Authorizing Acceptance and Dedication of Gayle Pond Trace  
Authorizing Acceptance and Dedication of Springhaven Drive, Bordeaux Lane, Bouquet Court, Lanesborough Drive, Loupiac Way and Moet Drive 
Business Operations in Iran 
Adopting Use of Force Policy 
Water Service to Town of Winnsboro 
Richland School District One; School Resource Officers 
Group Therapy's Annual Chili Cookoff 
Chapin Water Tank Site 
Agreement between City of Columbia and The Midlands Housing Alliance for 2025 Main Street 
Columbia's Annual Blues Festival 
Columbia's Museum of Art for Arts and Draughts 
South Carolina Oyster Festival 
Columbia Museum of Art for Blue Cross Blue Shield "A Family Affair" 
Forest Acres Police Department 
Carolina Green Fair Columbia 
Recognizing Honorary Ambassador between the City of Columbia and Taiwan and the Pacific Rim 
Museum of Art for Arts and Draughts 
Notice of 2012 election for Three Members of Council 
Honorary Renaming of Eau Claire Town Hall Conference Room to HenryHopkins/Bill Manley Room 
Commence Collection Actions on Loans