Moe Baddourah

As a teenager working at Andy's Deli -- the Five Points restaurant owned by his uncle Andy Shlon -- Moe learned the ingredients to success in business. Today, Moe is a successful businessman himself: He owns the Moe's Grapevine restaurant on Rosewood Drive, a business he built from scratch.

Moe is a dedicated family man who is active in his community and his church. His extensive community involvement includes serving as a volunteer firefighter and as Chairman of the Rosewood Crawfish Festival.

A graduate of USC, where he earned both his bachelor's and master's degrees, Moe is a huge Gamecock fan. He's married to Carrie Baddourah, a senior paralegal with AgFirst Farm Credit Bank. Moe and Carrie live in Shandon and have two young sons -- two-year-old Zeke, and Eli, who was born on Father's Day 2012.

Baddourah was first elected to City Council in 2012.

Contact Information

Councilman Baddourah
District III
Term: 01/01/2016 – 12/31/2019
P.O. Box 147
Columbia, SC 29217

    Email:   [email protected]
    Phone:  803-318-3111

Arts and Historic Preservation Committee Chair
Environment & Infrastructure Committee Member
Economic & Community Development Committee Member