This committee shall gather and address problems related to transportation and noise issues around railroad lines within the City and make recommendations for implementation of a quiet zone to reduce noise and improve transportation along railroad line areas in the City. 



The committee consists of thirteen (13) members.
Term of office is two (2) years with one (1) reappointment.


Meetings are held on a monthly basis or on an as needed basis.

Committee Members:

Term Ends
Dana Giurgiutiu
May 2019
Brenda Kramar
May 2019
Kyle Rice
May 2019
John Culbreth
May 2019
Michael Pordes
May 2019
Jamie Harpootlian
May 2019
Bud Ferillo 
May 2019
Dr. John Stucker
May 2019
Barbara A. Smith
May 2019
James E. Prater
May 2019
Patrick Cleary
June 2019
Ben Dubard
June 2019
Frank Houston
June 2019
(#) denotes number of term.


Contact Info:

Mrs. Missy Gentry
Assistant City Manager
City of Columbia
P.O. Box 147
Columbia, SC 29217
(803) 545-3037