The purpose of this council is to prepare studies and make recommendations on such matters as it deems appropriate; coordinate and promote cooperative programs and action with and among its members and other governmental and nongovernmental entities, including those of other states; study and make recommendations on matters affecting the public health, control, utilities, planning, development and such other matters as the common interest of the participating governments may dictate; and to provide continuing technical assistance and information to the member local governments and other agencies and individuals.
The Central Midlands Council of Governments performs activities such as making population projections, conducting annual building permit surveys and conduction semi-annual apartment market surveys.  The council also maintains and seeks implementation of an overall economic plan for the four-county region and works to expand water, sewer and transportation facilities.


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City Council appoints seven (7) members with three (3) of those being elected officials or persons directly accountable to Council and the remaining three (3) are city residents.
All members must be residents of the City of Columbia.
Term of office is three (3) years with one (1) reappointment


Meetings are held on the fourth Thursday of each month.

Committee Members:

Term Ends
Mr. Robert Liming2 
September 2023
Mr. William "Rusty" DePass, Jr.
February 2023
Mrs. Katherine Myers Wilson, Esq.March 2024
Mr.  Amadeo Geere 
March 2024 
Mr. Shawn Epps2 serves as The Honorable Stephen K. Benjamin's  Designee
August 2020
The Honorable William Brennan
January 2023
The Honorable Edward H. McDowell, Jr. 
August 2020
(#) denotes number of term

Contact Info:

Benjamin J. Mauldin
Interim Executive Director
236 Stoneridge Drive
Columbia, SC 29210
(803) 376-5390
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