Get involved.
Have a voice.
The City of Columbia has a number of Boards and Commissions with which citizen participation is vital.
Joining one is one way citizens can volunteer and get involved with their city government. The boards and commissions serve mostly in an advisory capacity to various city departments. But some also hear appeals, provide expertise, advocate, and advise city council. The Mayor and City Council seek diversity and balance in making appointment decisions without regard to race, color, religion, gender, age, sexual orientation, age or disability.

Current Openings:

Accommodations Tax Advisory Committee
Seeking one (1) Applicant from the Hospitality industry; one (1) Applicant from the Lodging industry; one (1) Applicant who are considered At-Large businesspersons.
The purpose of this committee is to review applications submitted for Accommodations Tax funding and make recommendations to Columbia City Council. Applicant must reside/work within City Limits. Term – 2 years.
Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Committee (BPAC)
Seeking two (2) Applicants. 
The purpose of BPAC is to advise the Mayor and City Council Members, the City of Columbia transportation planning staff; community organizations; and partners on bicycling and pedestrian issues facing the city; to work toward development of bicycle/pedestrian master plan; to represent community and constituent interests in transportation planning decisions; and to provide feedback to staff on projects relating to walking and bicycling. Applicant must reside/work within City Limits. Term – 2 years.
Board of Zoning Adjustments & Appeals- Form Based Codes
Seeking three (3) Applicants. Applicants should be from the real estate and or landscape architect industry.
The purpose of the board of zoning appeals—form based codes is to hear requests for variances and decide appeals when it is alleged that there is error in any order, requirement, decision or determination made by the zoning administrator or the consolidated review committee. Applicant must reside/work within City Limit
Term – 3 years.
Central Midlands Regional Transportation Authority (The COMET)
Seeking one (1) Applicant.
The purpose of this board is to promote transportation opportunities for all citizens within the service area which consists of Richland County and limited service into Lexington County. This is done by providing transportation services and encouraging the cooperation and coordination of existing transportation providers. Applicant must reside within the City limits. Term – 3 years.
Columbia Museum Of Art
Seeking two (2) Applicants for Appointment.
The Columbia Museum of Art Commission manages the investments and the maintenance, preservation and exhibition of its art collection. Applicant must reside within the city limits. Term – 5 years.
Hospitality Tax Advisory Committee 
Seeking two (2) Applicants from the restaurant industry and two (2) at-large Applicants.
The purpose of this committee is to review applications for hospitality funding and make recommendations to Council for the disbursement of those funds. Applicant must reside/work within City Limits. Term – 2 years.
Planning Commission
Seeking one (1) Appointment.
The purpose of this board is to develop and maintain a continuing planning program which will benefit City of Columbia residents; to provide a mutual forum to identify, discuss, study and address local development issues and opportunities. The Commission  also  advises  City  Council  on  annexations,  zoning  changes  and  approves subdivision plats/large development plans. Applicant must reside within the city limit. Term – 3 years.
Transportation Penny Advisory Committee
Seeking one (1) Applicant.
The mission of the Transportation Penny Advisory Committee will be to review, comment on, and provide recommendations on the Transportation Penny to Richland County Council. They will meet on a quarterly basis and may call special meetings as needed. Applicant must reside within the city limits.Term – 5 years.
Deadline –Applications are due no later than February 5, 2018 at 5pm.
If you have previously applied a new application is not required.


Please see links to the left for each board/committee/commission for more detailed information.