The staff of Animal Services has made humane education a high priority.
Promoting the proper care and treatment of animals is a cause that employees stress to people when adopting. Tips such as proper feeding and exercise as well as ensuring pet owners check the health of their pets, are heavily stressed.
AS Humane Education & Rescue Program pic
On a regular basis children are visiting the shelter. With the help of The Animal Mission, thousands of school children participate in our humane education program. Through visits to their classrooms or by visiting the shelter on field trips, students are shown an educational video and visit with the many cats and dogs. 
Interested children are also encouraged to volunteer their time at the shelter to further learn about animals.
  • Volunteer at our shelter.
  • Often this is the first time these animals have had someone really care for them. They learn to love a warm voice and a soft touch while waiting for loving permanent homes.
  • There is a special satisfaction that comes with rehabilitating an injured or frightened animal or socializing a dog or cat to make it ready for a permanent family.
  • We often need foster parents.