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The City of Columbia has a number of Boards and Commissions with which citizen participation is vital.

Joining one is one way citizens can volunteer and get involved with their city government. The boards and commissions serve mostly in an advisory capacity to various city departments. But some also hear appeals, provide expertise, advocate, and advise city council. The Mayor and City Council seek diversity and balance in making appointment decisions without regard to race, color, religion, gender, age, sexual orientation, age or disability.

Current Openings:

Central Midlands Council of Governments

Seeking one (1) Applicant for Re-Appointment/Appointment. Applicant must reside within the city limits.

The purpose of this Council is to prepare studies and make recommendations on matters affecting the public health, control, utilities, planning, development and such other matters as the common interest of the participating governments may dictate. Term – 3 years.


Columbia Museum Of Art

Seeking one (1) Applicant for Re-Appointment/Appointment. The Columbia Museum of Art Commission manages the investments and the maintenance, preservation and exhibition of its art collection. Term – 5 years.


Columbia Tree and Appearance Commission

Seeking one (1) Applicants for Re-Appointment/Appointment. Four (4) Applicants are considered At-Large. One (1) Applicant is considered Architect/Engineer.

The purpose of this commission is to protect, enhance and promote the City of Columbia's natural resources and visual beauty. They oversee the development of a master plan for the beautification of the City of Columbia and its implementation. Term – 3 years.


Design/Development Review Commission

Seeking two (2) Applicants for Re-Appointment/Appointment. Applicants being sought must meet the following criteria: Community Representative; Real Estate Broker/Developer.

The purpose of the Design/Development Review Commission (DDRC) is to review and approve work proposed within the City's historic districts, urban design areas, and upon designated landmarks. Term – 3 years.


Election Commission

Seeking one (1) Applicant for Appointment. Applicant must reside within the city limits.

The Election Commission determines the eligibility of candidates seeking office; counts and verifies absentee ballots to ensure the integrity of the election process in accordance with state statute; and certifies the results of all municipal elections. Term – 5 years.


Greater Columbia Community Relations Council

Seeking three (3) Applicants for Re-Appointment/Appointment. Applicant must reside within the city limits.

The purpose of this Council is to study and evaluate information concerning community relations issues within the community and to formulate and submit opinions and recommendations as to possible courses of action that appear in the best interest of the community as a whole. Term – 3 years.


Planning Commission

Seeking two (2) Applicants for Re-Appointment/Appointment.

The purpose of this commission is to develop and maintain a continuing planning program which will benefit City of Columbia residents; to provide a mutual forum to identify, discuss, study and address local development issues and opportunities; to foster, develop and review policies, plans and priorities in order to insure orderly growth, development, conservation and preservation; to furnish technical assistance to city government and its agents; and to review and coordinate federal, state and local programs that have an impact on the city.  The Commission also advises City Council on annexations, zoning changes and approves subdivision plats/large development plans.

Term – 3 years.


Richland County Board of Assessment Appeals

Seeking one (1) Applicant.

The Board of Assessment Appeals purpose is to equalize the value of the real and personal property of Richland County and to hear all grievances and appeals from the valuation and assessments by the Assessor. Term – 3 years.


Deadline – Applications are due no later than February 23, 2016, 5 p.m.


Please see links to the left for each board/committee/commission for more detailed information.




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